Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Life in a fishbowl!

'Life in a fishbowl' pretty much describes my life over here sometimes. Everyone knows who we are, what we are doing, if we have been on holidays, what we are eating for dinner..... you get the picture! 


I needed some sewing to take away with me (a few months ago now!) and so quickly grabbed Aneela Hoey's brilliant book 'Little Stitches' and chose the Goldfish bowl pattern! It described in a picture exactly what I was struggling with!


For the back of the hoop I followed this brilliant tutorial and stitched some felt in place to create a neat look.


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Tuesday, 17 March 2015


Well, if he couldn't have a rainbow quilt for himself, Mr. 8 was determined to make one for someone else. When he heard that his new 4 month old cousin was coming to visit, all the way from England, he seized the opportunity! 


The Simply Color Layer Cake that I had in my stash was perfect. He sorted the colours almost completely on his own after I showed him a few examples of other rainbow quilts (okay, I admit that I am a bit of a control freak when it comes to fabric, so I did rearrange a couple of squares with his agreement!). Then he sewed the squares together into rows, and then the rows into a quilt top.


As this quilt is mainly going to be used for the new cousin to play on the floor, we wanted it to be nice and soft. So we followed Svetlana's tutorial for making what she calls a 'comforter'. In other words, baste the front to the batting and then sew, right sides together, to the backing. Then we quilted straight lines through the middle of the squares.


Mr. 8 chose this cute Miffy fabric for the back, which I bought locally a year ago and have been waiting for the right project.


Now it just remains for me to sew on the label and we are ready to gift it when our visitors arrive tomorrow! 

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Saturday, 14 March 2015

Le Challenge - Passion!

I have a passion for other peoples fabric scraps! I don't know what it is about them - they are just so much more interesting and enticing than my own box of scraps! Maybe it is because they are fabrics that I have loved, but not bought, and so this gives a little taste of what I have only seen before online.


This hexies in this cushion are made from fabric scraps from others - either from a giveaway, generously given, or bought as scrap packs. I didn't give much thought to the fabrics I was using but instead just took the pile of precious scraps and started making hexies and sewing them together.


My initial plan was to make a complete quilt, but to be honest I got bored and so decided to make them into a cushion to gift to a friend. The back is a Cath Kidston polka dot with a red metallic zipper and the cushion is quilted using yellow Aurfil 50wt (my favourite at the moment!)


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Monday, 2 March 2015

Conquering curves, continued!

This will be the last of the 'Curves' posts for a while, but I wanted to share the final project that I made from Rachel's Curves Class: The Orange Peel Pillow.


This project came with a warning about its trickiness, so I approached it cautiously, making sure that I cut each piece individually and accurately. This time round we were told to pin all the curves, which took forever, but I can see why it was needed. Achieving accuracy was definitely tricky. I didn't unpick any of my sewing, but you can see below that I missed the mark slightly in a couple of places.


I decided, as I didn't have any interfacing, to use a really thin batting and quilted around the edge of the outside orange peels, as well as a few invisible stitches right in the center.

I used the focus fabric for the back and installed a hidden zipper. I think the back is nearly as pretty as the front!


This was a time consuming project, but one where I can happily see the progress I have made in sewing curves. There are more projects from the class that I really want to make, but they will have to wait a while.


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Thursday, 19 February 2015

Comma and Pluses: A quilt for home

Of all the quilts I have made so far, only one of them has remained in our home. So this year I have decided that I need to make quilts for both my boys, and hopefully one for me too! Now, it is hot where we live, all year round, and there is only the odd evening in the year when we might even think to snuggle under a quilt on the couch. But they still look good draped over the couch or folded on the end of a bed. And I guess a time will come when we move away from the tropics, so it is good to be prepared! 


My second son turned eight this week so his was the first quilt I needed to work on. He was very particular about choosing the fabrics and design he wanted, and even specified that he wanted the quilting to be 'doodles all over in yellow thread'!! I love him for that!


I am really trying to use the fabric I have at the moment, and so decided to piece together a back. The lovely Leonie agreed to share with me the design that she put together when she made this quilt for her daughter. I had to adjust the sizes a little as her quilt was bigger, but the effect was completely worth it.


I used the last pieces of left-over fabric for the binding, and the overall effect is a colourful, but definitely boyish quilt. Mr. 8 loves it!


The design for the front of this quilt came from Issue 1 of Love Patchwork and Quilting Magazine, so I am linking up with Sew the Library this month. 

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This is my one and only finish for Q1 of the 2015 Finish Along (my original link up post is here)

Saturday, 14 February 2015

Le Challenge - Dots!

With all the curves sewing I have been doing recently, 'Dots' was an easy challenge this month!




Two mug rugs or pot holders. I used Insul Bright instead of normal batting/wadding so that they can be used safely for hot items. 

A great way to use up some scraps too! 

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Friday, 6 February 2015

This may just be it!

I may just have found the skill and technique in sewing that I have been craving, but didn't know where to find! 

Improvised curves. Seriously! No measuring, no rulers, just free cutting and then stacking layers together, and the effect is slightly abstract but brilliant! 

Improv curves first attempt #curvesclass #stitchedincolor

Following along with Rachel's Curves class, last week we started off by making note cards, and learning how to cut and sew those curves. I found some scraps that I had already sewn together in straight lines and they were a great starting point to cut into and make the curves. This was fun, but it was the next project that really appealed to me.


Starting with a charm pack of Botanics fabric, and adding a few extra cuts of the gorgeous saturated colours, I just randomly sliced, sewed back together and then freehand cut the curves, and sewed them back together. I love how quick it was, I love that I didn't need to be precise and I love that I didn't need pins to sew those curves.

Feeling proud moment! #curvesclass #stitchedincolor #botanics @carolynfriedlander @stitchedincolor

I followed Rachel's advice and didn't add batting to this, instead just quilting the back and front together, and then binding with one of my favourite prints from Botanics - the colour is just amazing!

#curvesclass #stitchedincolor

These colours really remind me of Indonesia - the luscious green, the vivid orange and yellow and the deep blues.  And so I am going to gift it as a 50th birthday present to a friend here who walks beside me during the ups and downs of life, and who loves this adopted country of ours as much as I do.

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